First to launch this NFT category on Upstream is Cam Harris, IFBB professional Men’s Physique athlete

By Fernanda De La Torre

We’re excited to introduce Soulbound NFTs, the newest NFT category available for Upstream’s verified NFT creator community to sell on our NFT marketplace. Soulbound NFTs are digital collectibles that cannot be transferred or sold to another trader. This enables creators to anchor an experience to an NFT buyer community meaning only the original buyers for a set of NFTs were the ones privy to a specific event or moment.

The term ‘Soulbound’ originated from World of Warcraft whereas a Soulbound feature prevents the property of an item from being traded, mailed to another character, or sold in the Auction House.¹ This feature was bridged into a blockchain concept by Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin.

Because this specific class of NFTs remain with the original buyers forever, these collectibles can serve as social accolades in Web 3.0 and bring fans together under shared moments, achievements, and experiences.

“Making more items in the crypto space “Soulbound” can be one path toward an alternative, where NFTs can represent much more of who you are and not just what you can afford.²” — Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Co-Founder.

Why Soulbound NFTs fit in to the next wave of NFTs?

The first era of NFTs have been mainly about high-ticket items and speculation. This left out a majority of people who couldn’t afford or navigate the steps it took to begin participating in blockchain offerings. We believe the new generation of NFTs will focus on fan engagement, accessibility, and community building, which Soulbound NFTs can play a key role in.

Just like a tattoo, Soulbound NFTs act as permanent markers for your online presence. Because the NFTs remain with the original holders, it also provides a talking point that can connect you to other lucky holders with the same shared experience. Not only does this nurture community, but it also adds utility to the NFT, giving it familiarity with which the masses can identify.

Soulbound NFTs provide public figures and brands a new, cutting-edge entry point to build out their Web 3.0 strategies. It gives celebrities another avenue to identify and interact with their biggest supporters, and for their biggest supporters to identify other fans.

IFBB professional Men’s Physique athlete Cam Harris Launches First NFT on Upstream

Upstream’s first Soulbound NFT is launching today at 12:00pm EST with IFBB professional Men’s Physique athlete Cam Harris’s limited NFT release being sold for $40 each. Interested buyers can view and purchase from his Upstream collection page:

In addition to the limited-edition digital collectible, holders are entitled to a 30 minute one-one-one Zoom video call to discuss bodybuilding, posing, and more advice. As a Soulbound NFT, Cam is building a Web 3.0 community of athletes and supporters who will have had a shared type of experience.

How to purchase Cam’s NFTs on Upstream

  1. DOWNLOAD UPSTREAM and tap Sign Up.
  2. FUND YOUR ACCOUNT. For Credit, Debit, or PayPal Tap Investor>Fund my Account>Tap desired funding method.
  3. PURCHASE NFT. Open your camera and scan the QR code on Cam’s Collection page to be taken directly to the NFT or Open Upstream>Tap Market>Tap NFT in top navigation bar>Tap CAMTBS NFT>Enter Bid Amount>Tap Buy Now
  4. HOLD OR TRADE NFT. Buyers will receive a push notification and find their NFT in their Upstream portfolio.

Words from Cam Harris:

A black sheep is 100 percent authentically original. I cannot be influenced, dyed, or molded into something that isn’t by outside forces.” I was born a black sheep, and this is my story… I’m Cam Harris, an IFBB professional Men’s Physique athlete, Healthcare worker, Trainer, and ex-football player from the United States. I started competing on May 12th, 2018, and one month later at the age of 28 I earned my Pro Card at USAs. From that stage, I started climbing the Men’s Physique ladder. Earned my 2020 Olympia qualification in 2019 at the Kentucky muscle. And from there my bodybuilding career changed.

The day I won my 2020 Olympia qualification I walked off stage to call my brother, but instead, I got a call from the police department back home. I was told my little brother Michael Staten got into a motorcycle accident. From that moment things changed for me because this bodybuilding thing wasn’t something I was into, but it was for us. It was his dream and goal to turn pro and step on the Olympia stage and now he is paralyzed and may never walk again. But for me I’m doing this for him, he’s walking through me, we are still in this together and living his dream and accomplishing his goals together. I don’t believe in dreams, I believe in faith and hard work, and whatever comes with that, I’m with that… and with that, I will keep achieving the things he wanted to do and making him proud. He is the reason why I started, he is my WHY. Love you little brother.

Concluding Thoughts

Upstream has remained at the forefront of making NFTs accessible to everyone, and we’ve actively worked to add new innovative types of NFTs to our platform. Following the introduction of our previously innovative integrations, such as our Share-to-Receive NFTs and our Geofenced NFTs, we now have Soulbound NFTs.

Interested parties can learn more at or reach the team at


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*Funding using bank payments. If you haven’t already completed KYC identity verification or didn’t select ‘Bank’ as the ‘Deposit From’ option when you completed the KYC identity verification process initially, please go through KYC again selecting this payment method. Complete the KYC identify verification process by tapping Me>KYC. Then initiate a wire or transfer from your bank or financial institution using the details provided via email after your KYC is approved.


*NFTs received have no economic value, royalties, equity ownership, or dividends. NFTs are for utility, collection, and display only.

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*Funding using bank payments. For bank payments, complete KYC and initiate a wire or transfer from your bank or financial institution using the details provided via email after your KYC is approved. If you haven’t already completed KYC identity verification or didn’t select ‘Bank’ as the ‘Deposit From’ option when you completed the KYC identity verification process initially, please go through KYC again selecting this payment method. Complete the KYC identify verification process by tapping Me>KYC

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