By Anastasia Samaras

Upstream is at the cutting edge of unique NFT integrations! Rather than focus on only high-ticket NFTs that may exclude the masses, we support NFTs that usher in the next generation of engagement and Web 3.0.

We’re working with clients across sports, media, and entertainment to offer millions of free, low-cost, and premium NFTs that seamlessly integrate NFTs into fan-loved experiences.

We are proud to introduce geofenced NFTs, a way for musicians, brands and other public figures to release digital collectibles within a virtual boundary.

What is geofencing?

Geofencing is a-location based service used to engage users within an established virtual boundary, known as a ‘geofence,’ and deliver exclusive content or opportunities to those select individuals.

With geofenced NFTs, artists can commemorate a concert or moment and share it instantly with their fans. Further, the exclusive digital collectibles can help transcend the moment and enable fans to take a piece of the event home with them that can’t get lost or damaged. 

How it works for brands & public figures

  1. Take a concert for example. A verified artist can record a sample intro or special pre-concert moment to have commemorated.
  2. The artist can then choose to airdrop any amount of NFTs to fans within the concert halls.
  3. The artist puts up a QR code on screen or can verbally tell fans the Claim Code to collect the NFTs.

How it works for fans 

  1. Fans download Upstream on their preferred App Store and tap Sign Up. No MetaMask, no third-party cryptocurrency exchange, fans simply enter a password that will create their blockchain profile and ‘signing key’.
  2. At the time of the geo-fence airdrop, fans take out their phones, scan the QR code and are directed to download or open Upstream on their respective smartphones.
  3. Fans enter the Claim Code and receive a push notification that their NFT claim was successful and find the NFT in their portfolio to collect or trade with other fans.

Why we’re excited

The NFT market continues to grow and evolve, and new ways to use digital assets are constantly emerging.

Because Upstream is focused on fan-engagement NFTs to introduce more accessible Web 3.0 applications to the general public, geofenced NFTs were a natural next integration to add to our portfolio of NFT opportunities for our clients.

Geofencing NFT experiences is a unique way to combine a physical experience with the digital world and influence brands in new ways to engage with customers on top of the existing methods.

NFTs are incrementally pushing into the physical world as billboards, bus stops, physical art installations, and even auctions are displaying them. We anticipate that in the future, NFTs will become universal and intertwined with the physical world, whether through geofencing, architectural installations, and even merchandise.

Upstream’s NFT ecosystem boasts partners and clients across sports, media, and entertainment including Lizzie Grubman PR, Edgerrin James, YoMobile,, and BRON Studios, with NFTs for NBA’s G League show “The Pathway.”

Interested parties can learn more at or reach out to our team at!


*NFTs received have no economic value, royalties, equity ownership, or dividends. NFTs are for utility, collection and display only.

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