By Sandra Quinn

No matter what sector or industry you are in, chances are you are constantly fighting some sort of uphill battle to consistently raise capital and make sure you have the funds for your company to grow and evolve.

A great way to bring this capital into the fore is to use blockchain technology, but unfortunately technical knowledge, awareness of how the blockchain works and a lack of specialised software or IT know-how often holds companies back.

This is where Tokenetics by Globex comes in. This new platform gives businesses a space from which they can fund the growth of their business using tokenized securities on the blockchain, with the backing of a dedicated experienced team who look after all issues related to compliance, set-up and distribution.

This innovative business funding platform for STO’s, coming straight from the global blockchain capital, Zug in Switzerland, allows companies to raise investments using this cutting edge technology without the need for a complex IT knowledge base or infrastructure.

Blockchain is still a relatively new concept for many businesses and compliance is often a big worry. Tokenetics comes straight in to give peace of mind as they offer compliance with either Regulation D or the more recent Regulation A+ US offerings including investor verification, auditing needs and data storage compliance mandated by FINRA.

Now that we have covered some of the main bases, you might be asking why you would want to use tokenized securities on the blockchain to raise capital and, in particular, why you would use Tokenetics.

Business people are busy and sometimes getting to grips with new technology or compliance regulations can be just the thing, which puts them off trying something new; this is where Tokenetics shines through.

“The Tokenetics solution is an end-to-end funding platform that offers secure and regulatory compliant issuance together with a dollarized secondary trading solution to provide liquidity to investors,” the website states.

The service is also market-proven to generate investment and because investors are offered a public immutable investment platform, it means that their investment is transparent and secure.

Tokenetics will also help companies with things like choosing a strategy for token minting to suit their business model and needs, buyback offers and what fits in with their model, token custody and issuance and secondary trading.

Because the Tokenetics service layer is hosted in the cloud, the solution offers excellent scalability, reliability and peace of mind, while customers will have access to round the clock support from the Tokenetics teams on both sides of the Atlantic.

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