By Sandra Quinn

Offices are now mobile in almost every sense of the word with most employers and employees sharing the same work and personal mobile number, having access to their emails while ‘off the clock’ and arranging meetings out of hours for the following week.

While this means that your employees are more than likely giving a lot more work than what they are being paid for, it also means that the risk of transmitting confidential business information using unsecured methods is heightened.

Picture this – you are working in a law firm and rather than having a chat about a case in a social setting, an employee discusses case details using a social media app – suddenly this brings a large multinational communications company into your boardroom essentially.

It is only natural to discuss elements of work with friends or family, but in certain industries and sectors, the information being transmitted could be damaging, extremely personal or carry potential commercial damage.

The example of a law firm was used above, but the same situations would extend to health professionals, those in banking, anyone working with children or vulnerable people, those in the media, anyone working in an accounts department with access to sensitive information about cash flow, sales and debts and a myriad of others.

The good old reliable intranet with an internal email communications system would have been the age-old solution, allowing employers and employees to communicate across a closed network accessible only to their staff within the company, however, this is not as viable when you think of people leaving the office and mostly using their own mobile phone for communications even while they are in the office.

Horizon Globex provide companies with the opportunity to use an app designed for their needs, which will allow employers and employees to communicate across a secure network using instant messaging and calls across a wireless connection.

This will eliminate the worry of employers who are fretting about their employees discussing details of their work in say a WhatsApp group, via Snapchat or through Facebook Messenger.

Instead they will be able to give their workforce a secure way to communicate things like case details, costings and client information.

There is also the added benefit of it being an app, because if an employee is at home for the evening and they have switched off from emails, it may be hard to get in touch regarding an urgent issue. At 9pm, if something needs to be clarified, an email will most likely be ignored until the morning, but with the app from Horizon Globex, you can send them a quick instant message, you will see when they have read it and they will most likely get back to you immediately.

Not only does Horizon Globex give companies the reassurance that their communications are being safeguarded, but it also provides a safe, secure, efficient and modern way of communicating with your colleagues and employees in an ever changing work environment.