Horizon partners with SME 360 to expand GFX to sports teams and celebrities across Asia Pacific

“The possibility of not only generating but maintaining viral fan engagement is built into Global Fan Exchange. Our partnership with Horizon and GFX creates an innovative value add for our talent looking to leverage their personal brands and generate new revenue streams.”

Martin Jolly, SME 360 Founder

Last week, we revealed that Grammy-winning, international superstar Armando Christian Pérez, aka Pitbull, has joined Global Fan Exchange’s music division as a strategic advisor!

We’re continuing the momentum by announcing our latest strategic partnership with Sports Media and Entertainment 360 “SME 360” which will expand GFX across Asia Pacific.
Our partnership aims to give sports teams, athletes, musicians, and other artists in Asia Pacific access to the GFX platform to leverage their personal brands and fund their ventures with meaningful crowdfunded capital. 

Who is SME 360?

SME 360 is a renowned Sports Marketing, Events Management and Entertainment company in Australia. The company is founded by Martin Jolly, who brings over thirty years’ experience in the Sports and Entertainment industry to GFX having worked at the Seven Network, Fairfax Media and IMG as Senior VP and Managing Director, Asia Pacific. 

Having made a number of acquisitions and secured numerous commercial partnership arrangements, SME 360 currently has over 30 events in their portfolio that they own or represent.

SME 360’s representation of the commercial rights for a number of organisations and talent globally gives GFX access to an impressive Roladex of professional sports teams, franchises and potential celebrities interested in fueling their ventures while giving back to fans who played a key role in their success.

SME 360 recently relaunched with new partner, former AFL professional footballer and Fox Sports presenter Ben Dixon, who brings over 25 years of experience in the sports and entertainment industry to the business.

What does the partnership entail?

GFX will offer professional sport franchises including football clubs, cricket teams, motorsports teams and more the tools to raise capital from fans who will become loyal brand ambassadors with a shared interest in the venture’s success. 

Capital raised for sports teams can be deployed to hire new talent, attract sponsors, fund a match or race; and capital raised for celebrities can be used to accelerate a new business idea, sell a percent of their music royalty, re-record their masters, fund their next tour, and create memorabilia NFTs (non-fungible tokens). 

The team behind GFX combines Wall Street and proven software engineers with pioneers across sports, media, and entertainment. Adding SME 360’s team to the mix furthers the opportunity to innovate through fan offerings.

“GFX comes at a time where celebrities are increasingly taking control of their revenue streams and fans are looking to meaningfully engage with their idols,” says Horizon CEO Brian Collins. “Our partnership with SME 360 will expand our global mission to empower celebrities with the tools needed to accelerate their ventures with a built-in fan engagement experience.”

Through GFX’s affiliation with Upstream, a Horizon-powered, regulated stock exchange for digital securities, fans will be able to trade eligible shares from a user-friendly trading app. This is in addition to unique engagement opportunities, fan perks, and potential dividends in addition to being part of their favorite athlete and celebrity’s futures.

How GFX will work with SME 360 clients

Global Fan Exchange is a hub for fans to invest in and ultimately trade shares tied to the income streams of their favorite athletes, musicians, and entertainers. GFX makes corporate, compliance and offering requirements userfriendly for athletes, teams and celebrities.

1. Set your funding goal

Our GFX experts will help determine your funding potential based on your venture goal and needs.

2. Create your branded shares & funding goal

GFX has a substantial partner program to identify the right crowdfunding platform and trading venue for your shares.

3. Launch crowdfunding offering to fans

This is your time to shine. Share your unique investment opportunity with fans through the GFX platform, social, email, PR etc. GFX includes advanced onboarding technology and investor management tools to support a seamless offering.

4. Secondary trading for fans

Through Global Fan Exchanges’ affiliation with Upstream; a Horizon-powered, regulated stock exchange for digital securities, eligible fan-driven assets classes will be able to trade in real-time from a user-friendly trading app. We aim to make GFX the ultimate hub for fan offerings.

Interested parties can learn more at https://www.globalfanexchange.com/ or reach the team at horizon@globalfanexchange.com.


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