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Horizon’s esteemed team of software engineers are continually working to enhance our next generation compliance solutions. We are happy to announce new APIs added to KYCware and AMLcop to further streamline onboarding, identify verification and AML screening for our existing and future clients. 

Existing clients can review the code on our developer portal here and contact to get set up with your account and API secret to begin integrating. Other interested parties can review sample code on GitHub for the KYC API here and the AML API here.

API additions to KYCware

KYCware enables clients to compliantly onboard investors or customers using a white-label high-tech, high-touch app. We’ve added convenience API endpoints to help automate common flows our client’s dedicated KYC reviewers go through on the KYC Dashboard.

With Horizon’s new KYC API, which you can review sample code for here, KYC reviewers can automatically check for newly uploaded KYC submissions and better manage their users’ submissions currently stored in encrypted storage.

The KYC API enables KYC reviewers to download, delete, or approve a KYC submission pack from encrypted storage if it meets certain criteria. This works to reduce manual review time, keep user data protected, and improve the onboarding process on the back-end. 

To authenticate and protect access to sensitive investor or customer information, the KYC API is secured with a best practice security approach using Microsoft’s Azure Business to Consumer (B2C) OAUTH2 implementation using JSON Web Token’s (JWT).

API additions to AMLcop

AMLcop continually screens investors and customers against Horizon’s proprietary database of global sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEPs), and watchlists.

Horizon’s AML API allows systems integration from another company to integrate securely and programmatically to perform AML queries, so clients can now implement their own personalized front ends to best suit their needs. Please visit our GitHub profile for an AMLcop example.

External companies that have their own lists can ask our AMLcop API to pass their clients through AMLcop and return an “AML score” for each person on the external company’s list. A client’s AML reviewer can automate searches for AML matches using first name, last name, country and/or wallet. 

Please contact to get set up with your AMLcop account and API client secret to begin integrating.

Significance to the KYC/AML API additions

Finding an onboarding solution that meets compliance requirements without sacrificing user experience or increasing back-end review time, all while assuring customers that their data is completely secure is no small feat.

We believe a hybrid approach for identity verification is necessary to accomplish all of the above. Technology, in our opinion, should be used to enhance, not necessarily replace important processes. This is especially important when you’re a regulated entity or company dealing with sensitive information.

KYCware and AMLcop offer various differentiators to address this:

  • Sensitive data doesn’t leave the client’s control at any point in time.
  • Offline records of Personally identifiable information (PII) data are secured in encrypted storage & in accordance with SEC Rule 17a-4(f)
  • KYCware offers a complete customer identification program “CIP” in accordance with the US Patriot Act Section 326 and features proprietary anti-gaming features, MRZ scanner and liveness detection
  • Seamless AMLcop integration into your existing client KYC/CIP program
  • KYCware and AMLCop streamline data collection. It typically only takes 1.5 minutes for a reviewer to verify an investor’s KYC submission and AML screening

Horizon’s KYC/AML onboarding solution offers clients an innovative and integrated solution to meet today’s modern compliance and onboarding demands. To schedule a demo to see how KYCware and AMLcop can meet your company’s unique needs, please visit To review a list of all APIs currently provided by Horizon Fintex, please visit our developer page here.

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