By Vanessa Malone

This week we announced the launch of Horizon’s $5 million Series A funding round which is now open for investments.

Both institutions and qualified investors have the opportunity to become shareholders as we further develop and scale the licensing operations of our proprietary digital securities issuance, compliance, and secondary trading technology being delivered to financial institutions around the globe. 

Our shared goal — to foster global liquidity across multiple regulated exchanges powered by Horizon’s technology

We have a signed license and operating agreement with a U.S. broker dealer working to build an SEC-registered ATS. In addition, Horizon has signed license and operating agreements with regulated entities in Brazil and Australia, and an MOU with the Antigua and Barbuda Ministry of Finance & Corporate Governance to build secondary trading venues using Horizon’s fintech solutions. It’s important to note that our entire tech-stack is complete and in use today.

Our flagship blockchain trading solution, Open Order Book, is at the core of these trading platforms being licensed.

The Horizon difference

We believe Open Order book could become an industry standard for the next generation of digital securities exchanges.

In today’s securities markets, investors can experience slow settlement times, market-makers, and limited transparency in a centralized trading environment typically catering to high-frequency traders.

Then we have cryptocurrency trading hubs where we’re seeing all sorts of market manipulations, hidden fees, issues with getting fiat back out of the exchanges due to correspondent banking issues, and so on. 

For digital securities, no liquid market for secondary trading exists today. And just like with centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, we believe centrally traded digital securities will also lead to a lack of investor protections, user-friendliness, security, and be prone to attack.

Horizon’s blockchain trading software was designed to address these common issues and offer a decentralized trading solution with a user-friendly interface. On a Horizon-powered marketplace, investors hold their own private keys rather than the exchange and best bids and offers are displayed in real time on the Ethereum public blockchain. We believe that utilizing a large public blockchain enhances transparency and investor protections.

In addition to a transparent orderbook, Open Order Book provides an on-chain matching engine, and instant trade settlement. Other features include programmed investor protections and compliance integrations.

The technology is coupled with a user-friendly, retail trading app for investors of all levels to buy and sell digital securities directly from their smartphones. Check out last week’s blog for more in depth Open Order Book features.

One-stop-shop for digital securities technology

Horizon is a one-stop-shop for digital securities, supporting the full lifecycle from primary issuance through to secondary trading. In addition to providing regulated entities with trading technology, we also licence our compliance software to issuers, broker-dealers, banks and other financial institutions: This includes asset tokenization; investor onboarding to facilitate KYC/AML checks; custody tools for transfer agents to manage digital securities, pay dividends, or return lost assets; and secondary trading technology.

Concluding thoughts

Capital markets are evolving and we believe that Horizon’s end-to-end tech stack is positioned to usher in the next generation of frictionless, secure, and transparent securities issuance and trading. 

We are thrilled to invite those who share our vision to own a stake in our fintech business and any future growth as a Horizon investor. Click here to learn more about the offering and to invest.

Forward-Looking Statements:

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The Company entered into a software license agreement with Tripoint Global Equities, LLC to provide them with software to support their BANQ® ATS digital alternative trading system, together with a smartphone mobile user application, which they are currently developing. The owners of TriPoint Global Equities are Mark Elenowitz and Michael Boswell, both officers and shareholders of Company.


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