Shift reflects our refined focus on Horizon’s fintech and exchange technology solutions

By Vanessa Malone

June 19, 2020: The Horizon team is pleased to announce a change in our corporate name from Horizon Globex to Horizon Fintex, effective immediately. This name change reflects our commitment to bring liquidity to the growing exempt securities market with our financial technology solutions.

Exempt securities offerings have significantly outpaced registered offerings. In 2019, exempt securities offerings accounted for 69.2% of all new capital raised(this includes Reg D, Reg A+, Reg CF).¹ 

To support and fuel the burgeoning capital raising trend, Horizon has developed a complete one-stop-shop to support these securities issuers: our tech-stack includes issuance, a smartphone investor onboarding app with built in KYC/AML integrations, custody solutions for streamlined ATS-transfers, and exchange technology we license to regulated entities. Horizon Fintex also license its compliance technology to broker-dealers, banks and other financial institutions.

Fintech is a key driving force in today’s capital markets, and at the center of the exempt securities market, which is why we wanted “fintech” to represent a core part of our name. “Fintex” adds emphasis to the securities ecosystem we’ve built which we believe to be the only complete and integrated solution addressing the entire securities lifecycle. 

“We know that issuers and investors demand secure, user-friendly technology solutions to manage their investments,” says Horizon Fintex CEO Brian Collins. “To that end, we offer a harmonized technology suite that we hope will define the industry standard for issuance and trading technology.”

The new name change is effective immediately, and will be implemented across the company’s product and services throughout the year. Visit us at

About Horizon Fintex:

Horizon offers a suite of integrated securities software applications for compliant issuance through secondary trading of electronic securities. Truly a compliance-first business, our solutions combine Wall Street and Silicon Valley to power the next generation of exchanges and securities offerings in the U.S. and globally. Visit us at

¹ SEC Capital Formation Report

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