Upstream Accelerate Takes Off with ZENITH Automobiles Sion - Official Ferrari Dealer!

ZENITH Automobiles launches Collectibles for fans to sponsor their favorite racecar drivers By Anastasia Samaras We’re thrilled to kick things off for Upstream Accelerate, Upstream’s motorsport sponsorship program, with ZENITH Automobiles!  After ZENITH racing group’s victory at the Ferrari Challenge World Championship 2018, the renowned motorsports company joins the starting line with two of their talented […]Continue Reading

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Upstream, a MERJ Exchange market, showcases next generation of trading

Why issuers are interested in dual listing on this type of market  By Fernanda De La Torre  Upstream, a MERJ Exchange market, is revolutionizing the stock trading landscape with its app-based securities trading platform. Unlike traditional stock exchanges, Upstream eliminates traditional middlemen, payment for order flow, and market manipulation techniques, leveraging smart-contract technology to ensure […]Continue Reading

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Innovating Stock Markets: The Rise of New Exchanges

How new markets like TXSE and Upstream/MERJ are Pioneering Efficient and Accessible Trading By Fernanda De La Torre  When you think of capital markets, your mind typically goes to the stock markets like NYSE, Nasdaq, London Stock Exchange, and Tokyo Stock Exchange. Recently, there has been a push towards more efficient, transparent markets that offer […]Continue Reading

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Bitcoin and Ether Crypto Exchange-Traded Funds “ETFs” Market Overview

ETF overview and what Upstream aims to do for the ETF market By Anastasia Samaras  2024 has seen a surge in launches and regulatory approvals of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for cryptocurrencies. On January 10th, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approved the first-ever U.S.-listed exchange-traded fund (ETF) designed to track the performance of bitcoin (BTC). The […]Continue Reading

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T+2 to T+1, Upstream’s global market is already at T+0 trading and settlement

Experience the Future of trading with Upstream’s T+0 Settlement Times  By Fernanda De La Torre  As of May 28, 2024, Nasdaq and other U.S. capital markets have transitioned to a T+1 settlement cycle for securities trading. 1 This means that trades of stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), corporate bonds, and other securities now settle in one […]Continue Reading

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GlobexUS (Horizon) Invites Retail Investors to Own a Piece of the Proprietary Trading and Exchange Technology Powering Upstream, The Global Stock Trading App

Investment opportunities are now open to investors of all levels globally to share in any potential growth as the parent company works to scale As you know, Upstream, a MERJ Exchange market, is powered by the innovative technology of GlobexUs Holdings Corp (Horizon). This forward-thinking company is currently undergoing a capital raise. Read the press release […]Continue Reading

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U.S. SEC Approves Spot Ether ETFs Following Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval Earlier This Year

Now accepting applications for ether ETFs to trade on Upstream’s Ethereum powered market and trading app By Fernanda De La Torre  On May 22, 2024, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)approved the first eight applications for spot ether Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), marking a significant milestone in the crypto, and greater blockchain community.1.  This decision […]Continue Reading

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Horizon CTO Delivers ISE Blockchain Module to the University of Limerick

Dr. Andy Le Gear leads the Immersive Software Engineering (ISE) Blockchain Module at the University of Limerick. Horizon is the technology powering Upstream. By Anastasia Samaras Dr. Andy Le Gear, Horizon’s Chief Technology Officer, wrote and delivered the ISE Blockchain Module. The course is for 2nd Year, Block 8 students on the ISE course at […]Continue Reading

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How to capture retail investors when dual listing on Upstream 

Maximizing Retail Investor Reach Through Strategic Engagement Strategies By Fernanda De La Torre  Last week, we explored the intricate process of dual listing on Upstream, shedding light on how companies can expand their reach and tap into a global pool of investors. This week, we pivot our focus to the crucial aspect of attracting retail […]Continue Reading

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Dual Listing Process on Upstream

A streamlined guide for issuers dual listing on Upstream By Anastasia Samaras Recently, we’ve discussed the benefits of dual listing, including reaching a wider audience, engaging with international investors, and helping to propel your company’s growth. We’ve also addressed key considerations issuers face when embarking on a dual listing strategy, such as navigating regulatory hurdles, pricing, […]Continue Reading

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